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Our goal is to help you build a hopeful financial future.

About Money Mentor 

Money Mentor is a free online resource for anyone seeking to improve their financial skills and take control of their financial future. You’ll find information about everything from getting a car loan, to your monthly budget, to your retirement investments. Blog posts and videos are organized by four basic money challenges, and are easy to navigate and share with your family members or friends. If you don’t see what you need, ask me. I’ll find the answer.

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About Lisa Allen


Lisa Allen uses her knowledge of how money works to help individuals as a financial advisor. Throughout her career, Lisa found that giving people the information they need leads to better outcomes for individuals, families and communities. And since money is the basis of our society, whether you control your money or your money controls you can make or break your future.

Lisa left the financial industry just before Covid-19 to start Money Mentor, to provide a free financial portal that helps people take control of their own futures through money. The timing couldn’t have been better. 

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Lisa Allen, former financial advisor