About The Team

Our goal is to help you build a hopeful financial future.

Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen is a former financial advisor and journalist who was lucky enough to learn about money from her father. She earned a journalism degree, then an MBA, and led newsrooms in Michigan, Indiana and South Carolina. She used her knowledge of how money works to explain how government and businesses affected readers. Later, she directed that expertise toward individuals as a financial advisor. 

Throughout her career, Lisa found that giving people the information they need leads to better outcomes for individuals, families and communities. And since money is the basis of our society, whether you control your money or your money controls you can make or break your future. So, if you learn about money and gain confidence over it, you can rule your life and help your children rule theirs, too.

Lisa left the financial industry just before Covid-19 to start Money Mentor, to provide a free financial portal that helps people take control of their own futures through money. The timing couldn’t have been better. 


Lisa Allen, Your Money Mentor