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Great online financial resources that don't want your money

There is a ton of financial sites out there. Some are good, some want your money.

Here are the ones I recommend. Keep in mind I have no sponsors, no one pushing me to promote one over another. This is just my opinion.


I did a lot of research on this company when I applied for a job there several years ago. They vet their staff very, very well. They must, because I didn’t make the grade (ha!). But that was before I became a financial advisor. Passing your exams to be Series 7 and Series 66 certified ain’t no joke. I think I would have more success today.

I like Bankrate because I don’t worry that I’m going to accidentally click on a sponsor link and fall down a rabbit hole. It’s a wealth of great information, pardon the pun.

It specializes in loans and savings, it doesn’t include investment information.


Great information here, too, but I find the site a little overwhelming and it feels like I’m being lured into a specific sponsor’s site. You just have to navigate carefully.

I especially like its rating of online stock brokers.

Bloomberg Businessweek

I get this magazine in the mail. Why? Because the content is determined by the editors rather than search engines pushing up clicked-on articles. Who knows who’s clicking?

Also, as a former journalist, I find their work superb. Best journalism out there, in my opinion. Highly recommend this publication to just about everyone who wants to be informed.

Financial podcasts

Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey, Suzy Orman. They all say smart things. They all say conflicting things. They all hand out good advice and advice that just is not for you, personally. By the nature of their platforms, they have to keep their advice general and that’s OK. But remember, only you know your circumstances and therefore all of their advice won’t apply to you. It’s up to you do decide for yourself.

Don’t act just on what they say. Do more research and ask people whom you trust who know your situation.

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