• Lisa Allen

Look out! It’s the pendulum!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The past four years have shown how far the left to right pendulum has swung. I thought it had arced. I fear not.

Example one, the Greenville County Council in South Carolina, home of BMW, Michelin, is voting soon whether to allow anti-gay bias to continue in the area. I have to say, I wasn’t aware of the 1996 ordinance that excludes homosexuality from acceptable social norms. Had I, I wouldn’t have given them any business. Well, I haven’t given them a lot, since I live on the opposite corner of the state, but I wouldn’t have given them a dime. I hope BMW and Michelin weigh in that that’s unacceptable to them. The weenie chamber didn’t respond to the newspaper on the issue.

Example two is from my alma mater, Michigan State University. MSU already has struggled with decades of sexual abuse by sports physician Larry Nassar (150 lawsuits and millions of dollars in settlements), I recently received an email  from the current MSU president (we’ve churned through them like butter) apologizing for a campus gift shop that hanged black figures from the ceiling. I so wish I was making this stuff up.

Example three,in Indiana, another state in which I’ve lived, an Olive Garden manager allowed customers to demand a non-African-American server. First, what is wrong with people that they can THINK that, much less SAY that! Second, what happened to the brain of the manager? (He or she was fired, but still.)

Circle the wagons, y’all. We ain’t through all of this hatred yet. The irony: straight white people still rule the world. Always have and likely will for the next several lifetimes. What did we do to them, other than ask for kindness toward others? Guess they don’t have any to spare. We’ll have to try to make up for them.

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