• Lisa Allen

You are enough, you are powerful, even in this unfair world

Income inequality, housing discrimination, lending bias, hiring preferences, woefully inadequate education, healthcare barriers.

Everywhere you look, the deck is stacked against those who had the misfortune to be born amid poverty or not white or both.

America was seized by white men hundreds of years ago and they haven't relinquished their grip since. They created a system designed to benefit them and them only. When challenged, they found new ways to keep others at bay, from massacres to slavery to imprisonment to systematic oppression.

I can't improve on what's been said and written since the country, and then the world erupted to first protest police brutality and then, well, everything else. With good reason.

But I can show you how it relates to Money Mentor.

How we change our country begins with how we change ourselves. How we change our future is how we change our present. How we love others stems from how we love ourselves. How powerful we are is how powerful we feel.

That, above, is what Money Mentor is all about, applied to you and your family and your community.

We must take ownership of our health, our education and our money. We must demand a system that provides equal chance for each to all.

While beyond the purview of MM, the first step must be to change laws, policies, hiring and training to ensure that police no longer can with impunity beat, imprison or kill others because they didn't or wouldn't see us as humans, didn't or wouldn't listen to us as humans, didn't care about us as even living beings, regardless of species.

I like this acronym that applies to way more than just police: LEED: Listen and Explain with Equity and Dignity.

But if we collectively demand equality by withholding our revenue, our labor, our acquiescence, we can change our communities, our country, our future.

We can channel our power to ensure our own health, our own education, and our own money. You are enough, you are powerful, you are worthy. Full stop. No caveats.

Now, let's build a hopeful future. Together.

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